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PUSLE PUR changing mat Dew grey

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Make sure that changing diapers is a comfortable experience with the Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat - here in the color "Jetty Beige".

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat has a soft and water-repellent surface that is easy to clean. It has a similar shape to a baby bumper with a high edge which will help keep your baby from rolling off the changing mat. At the same time, the soft edge ensures that active children who move around a lot when changing diapers cannot bump their heads against a hard back wall or the edge of the changing table.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat is made of molded PUR (polyurethane). PUR is a shock-absorbing material that can withstand great loads and has a very high wear resistance, which is why it is also used in the furniture industry for mattresses, seats, upholstery and cushions, and shoes.

Sebra PUSLE PUR was developed in cooperation with environmental chemists. The changing mat has been tested by independent testing organizations and does not contain any harmful or endocrine disruptors.