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Criteria for a Greenable product

Beluga Kids was driven by a passion for the most beautiful items, but also a desire to work with brands that have an ecological mission and respect people and the planet. We are proud of these choices and know we are not perfect, but we are drawn to their dedication and therefore their work with our range GREENABLE want to highlight.

All products with a label GREENABLE are provided meet one of the following criteria:

Organic cotton/GOTS

The GOTS certification system for textile products guarantees the organic origin of the fibres. It ensures that the processes used at all stages of textile production and processing are socially responsible and respect the consumer, the producer and the environment.

Recycled materials

Recycled materials give a second life to fabrics, cotton, wood and plastics to create new products. These are inherently much more environmentally friendly than new materials. This saves water and energy and prevents the release of toxic chemicals into the environment.

natural cosmetics 

Their ingredients come from sustainable and fair trade in raw materials. They are of natural origin and are not tested on animals.
The cosmetics are usually free from additives such as paraffins, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils and synthetic preservatives.

Wood from ecologically managed forests

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsment of Forest Certification Schemes) labels enable the purchase of wood from “sustainable” forest management that does not contribute to deforestation. Sustainable forest management means a healthy balance between economy, ecology and social function.

Vegetable tanned leather

It is animal skin that has been tanned with the natural tannin tannin found in the bark, leaves, seeds, roots or sap of plants.
Our prehistoric ancestors did this, which makes vegetable tanning a very old technique. 

Vegetable coloring

Vegetable coloring is a truly ecological and natural alternative. It is a process that allows you to dye your textiles with plants: fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, flowers or spices.




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